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Apr 16, 2013 12:00pm CDT
tight security in boston today. especially at that city's airport. causing delays for some chicago runners coming home. wgns tn live at logan international airport. where a couple of flights were grounded this morning. dina and steve, everywhere you look you see evidence of heightened security in the wake of yesterday's bombings. we've also seen a ground stop here this morning. a temporary flight restriction over boston and at least two planes held, with passengers and their luggage removed. one of those flights was bound for chicago. in that case, united airlines flight 636 landed at ohare a couple of hours late. the airline says the crew asked that customers and their bags be rescreened and that ultimately a couple of passengers were removed. that's all the information we have but it appears to be a case of using an abundance of caution. that's just fine with air travelers we've been talking to..marathoners from chicagoland heading home, still processing what they witnessed yesterday. once related to the blast effect of the bomb. >> and that sounds in no way related to the audio
Apr 14, 2013 9:00pm CDT
is in the county >> police are investigating two shootings that occurred this afternoon in chicago that injured four people. three men were hospitalized after a shooting. two men were shot in the chest and another was hit in the leg. there were listed in serious to critical condition but all have since been upgraded and stabilized. in another shooting of 16 year-old boy was hit in the leg >> a chicago man is accused of smothering his five month old daughter to stop her crying, leaving her brain-dead e and on life support. investigators say the 29 year-old put his hand over the mouth of the baby as a cried while he drank with his girlfriend, the mother of the child. police believe she looked on as he smothered the baby three different times. both are charged with aggravated battery and they're being held in lieu of $5 million bond >> chicago police have no suspects in custody in a weekend shooting that killed and 19 year-old man on the northwest side >> he was weeks away from prom in from graduating from high school. today, the grandmother of the 19 year-old is planning his funeral >> he wanted
Apr 7, 2013 7:30pm EDT
of chicago, and a hollywood agent. this is about an hour-and-a-half. >> when you think about the accomplishments of malik, vice provost and professor at the university of pennsylvania, former special adviser of health policy to president obama and an op-ed columnist for the new york times and then there are the accomplishments of his brothers, you might wonder, what their parents put in there cereal. there is a chapter in the book on that. so those of you who know me may know that i am also the mother of three sons. it makes it a special evening for me. it turns out my sons are all writers. i am often asked questions from the usually, what do you put my milk. and, you know, i have found -- i would be interested in what he says are the really blunt secrets. you love your kids, you nurture them, and one of my sons was interviewed, i don't know what your family life was like, but he said, what did your parents do? they h. hanford and watched tv. but, to be honest, we kind of let them go and do what they're best at. we found a good and praise it. but if their is a secret, and i t
Apr 15, 2013 9:00pm CDT
went off. >> the explosion happened just before 2:00 chicago time many chicago runners were already finished. back at o'hare airport. i talked with several people who ran the marathon and they're pretty shaken up tonight, some of them were not right there when it happened, nonetheless when they saw the pictures when they were very shaken up and they were lucky they came very close they know that they could have been hurt but they feel tonight for those who were directly affected. brad had finished the boston marathon one hour earlier. they were finishing a slice of pizza near the finish line when they heard the explosions go off one after the other. they said that the scene was chaotic ambulances and police were everywhere, volunteers in runners were helping the injured. we were all shaken. tom hayes is the mayor of a lack of arlington heights who has run nine boston marathons. i didn't even think about it going into it. certainly it's not anywhere near your thought processes you just think about finishing and having a good race. now we will certainly think about this as we go forwa
Apr 29, 2013 7:00am PDT
is dead, 13 wounded in shootings in chicago on friday afternoon. the largest city with the most murders in to 12. violence is not the only problem. teachers have been protesting plans to close 54 schools across that city. and they have the second combined highest sales tax. in a recent new york times review, several reviews started with the words poor chicago. i want to bring in len sweet and nick bogut, political writer. >> len as the native here, goug up in chicago, it's such a great city. we all appreciate what it offers to the country. but there's the issue with the violence which is what's getting a lot of attention. officials saying things are getting better, saying murder dropped 42% in the first quarter of the year. but people thinking to remember hadiya pendleton, p. what's the perfect storm that is happening here and can't be stopped. is it getting better. >> i do want everyone to know as you said i'm stationed in washington but i am chicagoan through and through. this essay in the new york times was totally taking every criticism of the city, the most recent ones you went thr
Apr 15, 2013 12:00pm CDT
confines with our top story.. cubs owner says today is a milestone for the chicago cubs. he calls it a massive investment that will help the team bring home a world series title. this was a big hurdle but there are more to clear. they agreed on the framework for a $500 million rehab of the ball park. there will build a hotel across the street. an office building with a pedestrian bridge connecting the two buildings. they will extend the left-field wall and install a big screen in left field. the mayor says in a statement this allows the chicago cubs to pursue economic goals while respecting the rights of neighbors. when asked about a potential lawsuit he responded saying we will take that as it comes. saying this is the best for the cubs and economically. he claims he never lost hope. >> it is a special place. a special role in baseball history >> if you combine that with the fact that it is a huge economic drive for the city and member hope, i always believed that there was always an arrangement to be made. this is the beginning of a process. >> sheffield will be closed during we
Apr 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. >>> first lady michelle obama today addressed gun violence in her hometown of chicago. late today, she visited harper high school, known in chicago for a sad distinction, over just the past year, 29 current or former students at harper high have been shot, eight of them killed. earlier in an emotional and highly personal speech, the first lady talked about hadiya pendleton, the 15-year-old drill team member who performed at the president's second inaugural but was shot and killed back home in chicago. the first lady talked about life and opportunity and some cruel similarities. >> as i visited with the pendleton family at hadiya's funeral i couldn't get over how familiar they felt to me because what i realized was hadiya's family was just like my family. hadiya pendleton was me, and i was her. but i got to grow up and go to princeton and harvard law school, and have a career and a family, and the most blessed life i could ever imagine and hadiya, oh, we know that story. just a week after she performed at my husband's inauguration, she went to a park with some friends, and got shot in t
Apr 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
the way. it's left a lot of damage behind. the chicago area particularly hard-hit. nbc's john yang is in lisle, about 25 miles outside of chicago. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the radar says there is more rain on the way. across the region rivers are still rising as forecasters are predicting record levels and massive flooding. chicago streets turned into rivers and lanes of major expressways shut down as heavy rain fell faster than storm sewers could carry it away. neighborhoods quickly flooded. in lisle, firefighters set out in boats to answer calls for help. >> we had to be prepared not only today but over the next several days for flooding in different parts of our state. >> reporter: on chicago's south side a car drove into a sinkhole which eventually swallowed two parked cars. north of the city in gurney, residents have prepared for flooding from the des plains river by sandbagging homes and businesses. >> we have been here about ten years. this is actually the worst it's been. >> reporter: the river is expected to crest tomorrow morning at 11 1/2 fee
Apr 18, 2013 6:30pm PDT
. >> caos epor lluvias en chicago ♪. hoy en washington importante a pasipa paso en la ccarretera a rmigefo de migratoria integemos detalles . >> simplemente es la mejor op oportunidad que yo he visto en 20 aÑos . >> en frente unido estos 4 de demÓcratas . >> y 4 republicanos , . >> defendieron a capa y espada para reformar el sit de stema r miginmigraciÓn . >> hablando -- inglÉs . >> dijo que es un dÍa lleno de e esperanza .>> este no es el momento de d descansar es momento de trabajar mÁs, si lo hacemos este aÑo hay rmieforma de migratoria . >> refuerza deseseguridad en f r frotneras, tnambiÉn opciÓn a 11 millones de personas de tener la ciudadania . >> no he tenido la esperanza mÁs cerca .>> hace diÍas en programas d o conservadores, se pooponen , m arremeten contra el plan .>> los indocumentados tienen m amnistÍa y no se protehge la f n frontera dice el senador de a b alabama , rodeado de policÍas . >> concientes que el camino es d duro rechazaran a descarrilar la mediada marco rubio ussarara i sitio para explicar y responder . >> tenemos una oportunidad de r arre
Apr 10, 2013 11:00am PDT
, if this legislation does pass, it does help for example in cities like chicago where the first lady is right now where the gun violence, much of it is blamed on the gun show loop holes. guns coming in from states surrounding illinois. >> you know, tamron, i didn't say i wouldn't vote for it. what i said is after all of the carnage on our streets, i'm disappointed this is the best we could do. at the end. day, i mean, like for example, why can't the government hold the records in its own -- in its possession. that seems like the logical thing to do. and then also, there's a lot of gun sales that go on between individuals. if i were to transfer my car to my son, he would have to register that car with the department of motor vehicles, the government. why not a gun? i mean, at least a car has a remdemptive value of getting people one place to another. a gun is an instrument to kill something. whether you know, so i would think that we would be able to make more progress than this. as i said before, it is not something i would oppose because it doesn't actually do something bad. but it is so much less tha
Apr 1, 2013 11:35pm PDT
palabras , recordemos que hace poco el chapo guzman fue el enemigo número 1 de chicago tenemos más información los carteles de la droga mexicanas , se cree que sus agentes , operan en los estados de este país se mueve en el negocio , y basicamente , toda la cocaína y las drogas de mexico , entran a ciertas ciudades importantes en estados unidos la gran mayoria en la ciudad de chicago se distribuye a la costa este o hacia el oeste según estadisticas entre el 2008 y el 2011 , se quintuplicaron los cartles mexicanos , buscan con este movimiento de personal de confianza a estados unidos es aumentar sus ganancias económicas traen a sus propios mexicanos , que protegen sus negocios en estados unidos además al tener a los agentes , operando , les garantiza , que difícilmente sean delatados si la policía lo intercepta la mayoria del tiempo , coopera con las autoridades el mexicano tiene su familia en mexico y es una garantia cuando la persona lo arresta no van a cooperan según expertos estos agentes mexicanos se camuflan dentro de comunidades de clase media en una casa con su esp
Apr 10, 2013 9:00am PDT
for "around the world." chicago has suffered from gun violence more than most cities in the u.s. well, this hour first lady michelle obama is trying to do something about it. >> she is in her hometown of chicago speaking to high school students. going to bring that to you live as soon as it starts. and it sounds like a story from the great depression. stores from australia to the uk now having to ration baby formula. we'll tell you what is behind the shortage. >>> and anyone can talk about french or chinese food, but here on "around the world" we do like to do things differently. we're going to test the colorful cuisine of my yan mar. >> and who better to do it with than celebrity chef and new cnn host anthony bordain. do you have anything you'd like to ask him? feel free. tweet us your questions. be sure to include #@bourdain. l use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. use with band-aid brand bandages. neosporin. join us at we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back
Apr 1, 2013 6:30pm PDT
mÁs afectadas chicago. janet rodrÍguez tiene mÁs desde chicago. >>> a miles de millas de la frontera en suburbios de clase media del centro del paÍs. viven y trabajan agentes claves de los carteles de droga mexicanos. se han establecido en laegiÓn. por la facilidad geogrÁfica que pueden transportar la mercancÍa y el potencial econÓmico. los pandilleros en chicago y la regiÓn, dice el agente federal son los clientes nÚmero 1 de los narcotraficantes segÚn la dea los carteles en esta zona tienen ingresos que sobrepasan los 60 mil millones de dÓlares. de acuerdo al nuevo estudio de la presa asociada, 9 estados han visto un incremento en la presencia de miembros de los carteles. chicago se ha convertido en un centro de distribuciÓn del cartel de sinaloa, fuera de mÉxico. de hecho hace unas semanas las autoridades nombraron al chapo guzmÁn enemigo pÚblico numero 1. >>> aparatos de inteligencia, realmente nosotros en mÉxico, no tenemos recursos fsuficientes para ser inteligente. >>> ha perdido varios seres queridos en los Últimos aÑos. >>> viene de los problemas de la mala i
Apr 4, 2013 5:30pm PDT
long. tonight from chicago nbc's john yang has a look back. >> i'm roger ebert of "the chicago sun times." >> reporter: he was a movie critic as famous as the movie stars he reviewed. a sought out voice on award show red carpets. >> i think it's going to win. i think it is the best movie of the year. >> reporter: roger ebert has a star on hollywood's walk of fame and was the first film critic to win a pulitzer. >> thumbs up for me. >> reporter: but it's his thumb that made him a household name. the trademark review system developed with long time co-host gene siskel. they worked for rival newspapers. siskel for "the chicago tribune" and ebert for "the chicago sun times." their on-air sparks came naturally. >> do you believe that a movie needs to be fair in order to be good or does it need to be accurate in order to be good? >> reporter: their relationship was the source of endless fascination. >> the question was do you like or hate each other and i said, both. roger said -- >> neither. >> reporter: when siskel died of a brain tumor in 1999, ebert called him the brother he never ha
Apr 5, 2013 2:30am PDT
, has sadly lost his battle with cancer. he began his career reviewing movies for "the chicago-sun times." his last written words, i'll see you at the movies. john yang has more on his legendary career. >> i'm roger ebert of the chicago sun times -- >> he was a movie critic. a sought out voice. >> i think it is going to win. it is the best movie of the year. >> reporter: he has a star on the walk of fame. >> thumbs up for me. >> it's his thumb that made him a household name. the trademark review system developed with gene siskel. they worked for rival newspapers. siskel for the chicago tribune, ebert for "the chicago-sun times." their on air remarks. >> they need to be accurate to be good. >> their relationship was the source of endless fascination. >> the question was, do you like or hate each other. i said both. roger said, neither. >>> he called him the brother he never had. >> for 24 years we were on television together. for po years we fought it out on newspaper jobs. there was a lot of competition and rivalry, but also respect and friendship. >> reporter: for ebert, movies weren't
Apr 26, 2013 7:30pm PDT
in chicago. a manned camera system. someone with a joy stick and he is zooming in and out. they established cameras in high-crime areas if they see a suspicious car. they zoom in on the license plate. gavin newsom at the time said we will not do that. >> what happened to that? >> they have not worked well ougat all. >> it became such a debate in 2006. he proposed the cameras. it was a civil liberties debate and they put so many restrict n restrictions on them. they cannot move. they are grainy. they have terrible stop action. a car could do from here to here and not be recorded. you cannot access the tape unless a crime has been committed and you know what you are looking for. those have been useless. the cameras on businesses have been helpful. >> is this supposed to prevent bad things from happening or once it has happened, you can catch? >> yes. that is right. jill is right. it is the here and now of it. there is one thing that i have not thought of. scott weiner came out with cameras in front of liquor stores and clubs. he said people are living in the castro who are not out. they may
FOX Business
Apr 4, 2013 7:00pm EDT
, and they have been successful in 13 prosecutions, chicago, los angeles and new york are the three worst. chicago the worst of all in failure to prosecute these crimes. >> the american public ought to hold up a vague sign everywhere president obama goes saying 90. if 90 jurisdictions in the country an enforcing the federal gun laws, chicago, despite the horrible crimes going on there every night it is 90 out of 90, dead last. you can't be the president or the vice president or the attorney general and have the responsibility of enforcing the federal gun laws and not bear some responsibility for what is going on in that city when you simply don't enforce the law against drug dealers, gangs and felons. the case the president keeps talking about that poor girl killed in the inauguration, what he doesn't mention, the media doesn't report is that gang member was picked up on a gun charge, put out on probation, rearrested three times for break-ins and trespassing and left on the street and there was no federal prosecution at all. the media won't call the president out on it, they have no interest in it
Apr 15, 2013 6:00pm PDT
visual police presence at the city's landmarks, like the chicago theater. even union station. many commuters heading home ran into bomb-sniffing police dogs and extra police officers on hand at the city's train and bus stations. city officials say there's been no specific threat to the city of chicago, but they are not taking any chances. of course, remaining extra vigilant. chicago has two major airports, o'hair and midway, millions of people pass through every year to get through one part of the country to the other part. and authorities tell us they are keeping their eyes open for anything suspicious. there's a chicago blackhawks came tonight versus the dallas stars, some 20,000 people fit in that stadium. we can expect security to be on high alert there tonight. officials tell us there will be a moment of silence for the victims in boston at that blackhawks game tonight. so a heightened sense of security here in chicago, but many trying to operate as normally as possible, given the circumstances. >> thank you so much, alex. >>> from chicago to los angeles. also games taking pla
Apr 21, 2013 10:00am EDT
the boston, chicago, st. louis, new orleans, denver, san francisco, the smaller places i never would imagine would be in a contest to become the center of the world. saint marie, court to ask the home of, oklahoma. i need to find out more about this. there were at least 240 localities that became involved in this episode to one degree or another by either making a suggestion or issuing an official invitation or embarking on a full-blown camp pain to make their hometown the capital of the world. so here i could see a wide variety of materials that would allow me to see what was happening in the united states in society in this transitional moment from war to peace. it would also touch on issues that were compelling, like how we developed ideas for the place, how that's related to local identity, how that makes us feel a connection to the world. so as i was on my adventure in search for the capital of the world. one of the places i'd like to introduce into the conversation as a counterpoint to destroy philadelphia because it's also one of the earliest and most long lasting competitors is the b
Apr 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
in preparation for this conversation. >> a true american pioneer in every sense of the word. chicago, i would go to marshall field's. you get a sense of what he created. he transformed the place, came up with the phrase that the customer is always right. camed not have sales, he up with bargain-basement. he thought that if we had these enormous windows and we treat it like a play and we depict a scene, people will come and and it was his theater. he basically took that and ran with it when he started a 100 years ago. it was voted the best department store in the world. i think he did something right. i don't want to get ahead of myself and telegraph what is going to happen. the but he had a beautiful and prolific and tragic life, a shakespearean type of tragedy. we have been picked up for a second season, and andrew davis is a brilliant writer and he wrote this thing based on wednesday what had's book. he marked out what four seasons with look-alike. his life is such fertile ground for a series that we could run this for a while. i would have to play him into his 80s, which would be really fun.
Apr 11, 2013 2:00am PDT
debate. tracie potts is in washington, d.c. >> she was emotional talking about this in chicago. new poll numbers indicating 55% of the country supports stronger gun laws. by the way, the numbers break down along party lines. now, those are the numbers here in washington. we are seeing some of the emotion. washington full of emotion on gun control. senator joe manchin with families from the newtown, connecticut school shooting. >> i'm a parent. >> the first lady talking to students about the tragic shooting of hadiya pendleton. and on capitol hill. >> victoria soto, age 27. >> william leroy burton jr. >> a vigil reading the names of victims of gun violence. later this morning we will see if a threatened filibuster will stop or slow down a vote on the gun bill. a more likely deal struck by joe manchin and republican pat toomey would expand background checks on gun shows and online sales. it includes easing restrictions on interstate gun sales. >> you can pass all the laws that you want and the criminal element is going to sit back and smile. >> background checks include broad polls and in
Apr 11, 2013 4:00am PDT
of emotion. came yesterday on a conference at youth violence in chicago. mrs. obama recalled the death of a girl in january one week after she performed at the president's inauguration. >> as i visited with the pendleton family at hydeia's funeral, i couldn't get over how familiar they felt to me. because what i realized was hydeia's family was just like my family. hydeia spendle ton was me, and i was her. but i got to grow up. >> pendle ton was shot while hanging out with friends in a chicago park. mrs. obama called on the audience to do something worthy of the girl's memory. >>> coming up some major menu changes at a popular fast food chain. >>> and it's the multimillion dollar debate but now a decision has been reached about saturday mail delivery. >>> and fearless or maybe crazy. the guy who grabbed and wrestled a giant snake in the middle of the everglades. . >>> here's some good news. summer gas prices expected to be at their lowest in three years. crude oil prices and more efficient vehicles now on the road are behind this according to an outlook by the energy department. the re
Apr 11, 2013 4:00am PDT
in chicago and aside from the emotion and we've seen that here in washington, our new nbc/wall street journal" poll numbers show 50% of the country supporting tougher gun laws. those are just the numbers. washington full of emotion on gun control. senator joe manchin with families from the newtown, connecticut school shooting. >> i'm a parent. >> reporter: the first lady talking to students about the tragic shooting. hadiya pendleton. >> i used them to use their lives to give meaning to hadiya's life. >> reporter: and on capitol hill, victoria desocietdesoto, . december 14, 2012. newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: later this morning we'll see if a threatened filibuster will stop or slow down a vote on democrats gun bill but a more likely deal struck by democrat joe manchin and republican pat toomey would expand background checks to include gun shows and online sales. >> to me this isn't gun control this is common sense. >> reporter: that deal also includes ease restrictions on interstate gun sales and shielding sellers from lawsuits if the gun they sold legally if later is used in a crime. >>
Apr 13, 2013 12:00am PDT
cameras to chicago state university. let me start by introducing the panelists. domingo garcia, executive secretary and treasurer, oscar radio host for univision garcia, jesus xavier gutierrez, stephanie sanchez. we're glad you have joined us tonight. our conversation about the status of the latino nation. coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had. it is always the right time to do the right thing. i tried to do -- live my life everyday by doing the right thing. we have a lot of work to do. wal-mart committed to fighting hunger in the u.s.. as we work together, we could stamp hundred out. -- hunger out. and by contributions to your pbs stations by viewers like you. thank you. tavis: our country's future is linked to this traverse and dynamic ethnic group. we can no longer paint latinos has marginalized. as this community goes, so goes america. we often hear thought leaders discussing immigration reform. we asked the panel to define how they think latinos are perceived in america. >> i believe the greatest challenge we have faced is related to the inability of society to
Apr 25, 2013 4:30pm PDT
're in a congested area like new york or chicago, it could affect you, i think what might happen,people will say, i'm going to put off the travel until this nonsense is over. >> from rising fees for checked bags to the slow and cumbersome process of going through security, to the changing rules that will make it tougher to collect and cash in frequent flyer miles, the allure of flying has faded. airlines are more profitable than they've been in more than a decade. this week, delta, usairways, alaska, jet blue and southwest all have profitable first quarters in part because they didn't pay as much for jet fuel. >> fuel prices have been a real roller coaster this year. right now, they're moderate, hedged for the rest of the year. >> as the frustration with flying grows, so do airline profits. an industry on its knees just a few years ago is now soaring, don't tell the travelers these are good times in the sky. phil lebeau, nightly business report, chicago. >> the frustrations about the quester cuts have the chief executives thinking about their spending cuts and what damage they may do to the overall
Apr 5, 2013 6:00am EDT
and cared about a lot because of the gun violence in chicago. this has nowink moved so slowly to the point where it looks like nothing will be done at all? >> there was a lot of qeus uestions. it was an opportunity to strike when the iron was hot. what happened? >> i am not as pessimistic as the way you phrase the question would indicate. i had breakfast with the president to talk about what more we could do. the president is on his way to colorado to do an event to keep the passion going. at the white house, we had a powerful meeting and session with the mothers of victims who sit behind the president. i was looking at their expressions while the president was talking. this is an issue where i do not think that there is a mother out there that does not feel for these children. i went to newtown with the president two days after the tragedy. i was in his office one john brennan called to tell him how .any children were killed i sat in the car with him while he wrote his speech that he gave that night. his staff prepared a speech, but he said they did not capture what he wanted to say. he w
Apr 11, 2013 12:00pm PDT
will be at the annual planning conference in chicago. i will be out of the office next thursday and campos will be in charge of my absence. the conference is in chicago where the apa office is located. the conference runs from saturday to wednesday of this year. and that concludes my report. thank you. >> just curious, at the conference are you speaking or presenting or anyone from the department speaking? >> there is a number of people speaking on various topics. i will be speaking on saturday where i'm part of a group of directors that helps to train new planning directors, folks who are newly installed as directors and that's something i have been doing for 3 or 4 years. it a very interesting session. >> next item, please? >> item 5. review of the past weeks of board of appeals. >> good afternoon, department staff here to give you your weekly report. this week at the committee, the majority of public comment and hearing was focused on supervisor wiener's local procedures. on march 14, and hpc considered the proposal on march 20th. both commission recommended two modification. no. 1, th
Apr 28, 2013 10:45pm EDT
of black americans saw an opportunity and greater freedom than the north. going first to chicago then brooklyn which was a separate city. although the north was free for the young black people, there are limits as to what they could do for a living and frederick chose the service industry and became a waiter and a valet. but not just anywhere but in what was at the time, in the early 1890's, the most technologically sophisticated hotel built in the united states. it was the auditorium that stance on south michigan avenue now the home of roosevelt univ. but you can go into the building and it is preserved during the 8093 columbia an expedition world fair. because of how technologically advanced the hotel was it sets the tone for what frederick did later in life in the same way the first job they have been given profession prepares you for what follows with the same trajectory. he began at a very high level. when he moved to new york he began to work for a prominent i intrapreneur tried his hand and real estate development and ax bonneville. it is interesting to think frederic woul
Apr 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
sexy liberal ever in chicago. >> i'm excited to hear the recap. >> stephanie: it is beyond amazing, however let me tell you the most disturbing thing that was repeated the most is just a guy in creepy tone of voice going -- is jacki schechner here? >> that didn't happen. >> stephanie: where is she? and i said no, i did not. there was disappointment all around. the mooks here, no. >> would he like a head shot of jacki for his personal use. >> stephanie: can you give me another picture of jacki. the other one is dirty. i did. i brought a bunch of head shots of you. by way of -- as a peace making thing. >> now i'm frightened. >> do you have anymore? >> stephanie: okay. here she is, jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. it is tax day! and the white house is out with its annual tax receipts. you can go online to and select an income estimate. we picked $35,000 for a single parent with one child just to use as an example that tells you how much your money goes toward social security and medicare and a breakdown on your income tax contribut
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Apr 2, 2013 6:00pm PDT
're playing that ethnic card. keep saying chicago, you notice, to send the message this guy is helping the poor people in the bad neighborhood, and in the burbs, a lot of black people in chicago. >> a dog whistle is a dog whistle. >> a trumpet call is another. >> and the connection, not necessarily bad in all cases, sort of slang, not necessarily evil, throw it at the president as an ethnic shot. i look at obama as the perfect american, went to school, never broke the law, a good husband, a good father, i don't think he had a speeding ticket and the guy does everything right and he's been pretty moderate on gun until the horror of newtown and i don't know what they're so afraid of-- >> never broke a law, he smoked pot and cocaine. tell this guy. >> i have one word for chris the matthew, hopeless. when you have to look for coded racial implications, look, the liberals like chris have two tactics, sean, the race card and class warfare and if they can't see it overtly, they try to come up with ways-- >> chicago, chicago? chicago is racist? you can't say urbans a radio format. you can't sa
Apr 5, 2013 10:00am PDT
>>> fighting gun violence, the parents of slain chicago teen hadiya pendleton join us with details on their meeting with new york's mayor michael bloomberg. >>> also, hillary clinton's unfinished business. >> human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights, once and for all. >> let's keep telling the world over and over again that yes, women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights, once and for all. thank you all so much. >> coming up, we're going to take you live to the women in the world summit where andrea mitchell will interview ambassador susan rice, a short time ago. >>> rutgers athletic director, tim pernetti is out in the wake of the video. >>> and the kid president finally meets the grown-up president. >> i think you should try to sit behind the desk, so you look a little more official. >> hello? >> is it even on? >> no. >> make sure that you don't cause any international incidents. >> we're told he did not cause any international incidents, i'm peter alexander live in washington. in for my friend andrea mitchell. after five years
Apr 2, 2013 1:00pm PDT
starts right now. >>> chicago mayor rahm emmanuel is with us this afternoon but i assure you, parents, there will be no cursing. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the national lead an nra task force lays out ideas to put a good guy with a gun in every school. ill xae mayor emmanuel how that is going to apply in chicago which buries hundreds of people from gun violence every year. >>> also in national news, cheating on standardized tests but not by students -- by the school officials responsible for administering them. now they're getting the ultimate detention in a jail cell. >>> and the money lead. if there was a traffic sign that represented the auto industry a few years ago it would be rough road ahead. did it take a little italian car maker to help turn chrysler turn the corner? >>> the national lead. it is an idea that could lead to kinderrten teachers carrying glocks, principals spending extracurricular time at target ranges. today a task force commission by the nra unveiled a report to make schools safer. the most controversial idea would put more guns in our nation's sch
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Apr 13, 2013 10:00am EDT
this administration. this attorney general. successful of only 13 prosecutions, chicago, los angeles and new york are three worst. chicago the worst of all in failure to prosecute the crim crimes. >> they aught to hold up signs saying, "90." in 90 of the jurisdictions -- in the worst place, chicago is 90 out of 90. dead last. you have can't be the president or vice president or attorney general and have the responsibility of enforcing the federal gun laws and not bear some responsibility for what is going mon the city when you simply don't enforce the law against drug dealers, gaps and fe lops -- gangs and felons. the case the president is talking about the poor girl that was killed in for tin august ration, what he doesn't mention -- for the inauguration and what he doesn't mention is the gap member was pucked up on a gun charm and put out on probation, rearrested three times for break-ins and trespassing. left on the streets. there was no federal prosecution at all. that goes on day after day in chicago. the media won't call the president out on it. they have no interest in it. it's the only wa
Apr 27, 2013 4:00am PDT
are harndndling it h care. >> thank you, john schriffen. time to check the weather and ginger zee in chicago. good morning. >> we're on board chicago's first lady cruises and we're celebrating. that, the beautiful chicago this morning. 0th anniversary of this boat. working with the chicago architecture foundation to show off that great city. we wanted to celebrate. it's also a celebration that it's dry. because this city, like so many other, has had the wettest april on record. now the flooding concerns to north dakota. by wednesday, the red river should flood. look at all the prep happening. they're hoping to stay below the 009 flooding. a lot of that has to do with the rain moving. check out how warm it will be in the northern plains. fargo, 72, bismarck, 79. the very pertinent maces along the red river only get about half inch of rain. most of it goes to the east and southeast. we have not so good news out of oklahoma. look at the hail overnight. just south and east of oklahoma city. damaging winds in some places, too. about 40 severe weather reports. more severe weather on the way today. we ca
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